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Top 3 Fastest Electric Cars in the World

Time is over for the petrol and diesel engines now; the latest electric cars are among the fastest vehicles on the earth nowadays. One of the biggest advantages of electric cars is that they are environmentally friendly. The zero...

Most Expensive Lipsticks: Top 5 lipsticks in 2023

Most Expensive Lipsticks
Lipstick is that part of the makeup without which the whole look is incomplete. It’s the part of the cosmetic that makes you look complete and attractive. For women, the collection of lipsticks is never enough, and only she can tell the...

10 Highly Paid Male Actors in 2023

Earlier this year (before COVID-19 became the new-normal), Forbes released the list of 10 Highly Paid Male Actors all over the world. What Forbes did was release a list of highest-paid actresses and actors, paid, which highlighted the...

10 Famous People in Pakistan

10 Famous People in Pakistan
Pakistan happens to be one of the most populated countries in the world. The citizens of this country have gained popularity due to multiple reasons. Be it with respect to Science and Technology or entertainment or even politics, Pakistan is a popular...

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