Top 10 Fantastic Man-Made Vegetables And Fruits

As we know that fruits and vegetables are naturally grown but there are some fruits, nuts as well as vegetables that can be grown artificially. So, we can say that these are purely man-made vegetables and fruits.

Different procedures are used to make these items such as with the help of the selective breeding method through which selective plants having amazing properties are replanted for the reproduction process and eats. At the same time, artificial food can also be produced with the help of bees. These insects do the process of cross-pollination for producing the crossbreed.

This technology is made our life easy and we can get everything we want according to our needs and choice. Now, you can eat your favorite vegetable as well as fruit in all seasons because they are available in the market.

Here we’ll discuss the different artificially growing fruits and vegetables which are commonly available in markets.

1. Bananas

Through proper study and research, we can find out the different production processes of bananas. This is one of the famous fruits.

In the past, Musa Balbisiana which is a wild banana contained seeds that are hard and large. Nowadays, this fruit is evolved through different varieties like the Musa Acuminata as well as the Musa Balbisiana which contain short and okra-like pods that were utilized in breeding seedless bananas. Yet this is partially a man-made fruit.

2. Corn

It’s amazing information about corn that corn can also reproduce throughout summer. It is also a man-made food. The evolution of this item is a mystery and most people are not familiar with its creation. There are different researches on its production like in few pieces of research, it’s evolution is related to teosinte with skinny ears and its casing contains some kernels within it. It is Mexican grass.

However, in other observations, it is similar to the rice. So, it is concluded that these plans contain equal chromosomes and these were interrelated. This study is done by George W. Beadle which is graduated from Cornell University and won the Nobel Prize for this “Genetics” study.

3. Watermelons

This fruit is produced from the past and included in the list of the oldest fruits present on earth. Its seeds were discovered 5000-year ago at the old Libya settlement.  Different paintings of this fruit as well as its seed which are almost 4,000 years old are present in the tombs of Egyptian. King Tut is also included in those famous tombs.

Earlier, this fruit is utilized in different pale colors and extra seeds. The red flesh of watermelon is the creation of present breeding. This is an amazing fruit that is also artificially reproduced.

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4. Apples

This is an amazing fruit in rounded shape grown on the Malus tree. This fruit is also reproduced with similar looks. But the taste of this man-made food is very much different from the naturally grown Apples.

Malus Sieversii, which is a wild fruit present in china, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. Its taste is also different from the naturally made apples.

5. Tomatoes

The savory fruit of this plant, red when ripe, treated as a vegetable in horticulture and cooking. At present, this fruit can be reproduced. Tomato has different types having vitamins, fiber, and full of antioxidants, etc. Some of the use suppose this food item a vegetable.

The oldest conserved tomatoes of Europe is the herbarium sheet circa 1542-1544. Artificially made tomatoes contain yellow or greenish fruit.

The Aztecs mostly bused them in cooking. This fruit is also easily available in the market.

6. Carrots

A vegetable with a nutritious, juicy, sweet root which is normally orange in color, Daucus carota, especially the subspecies status in the family Apiaceae. This food is loved by rabbits as well as humans.

This naturally grown food can also be reproduced by different methods and easily available when it is out of season. This vegetable is normally grown by Greeks and Romans for food.

7. Eggplants

This fresh color and full of nutrient food items have different shades such as yellow, purple, cream, etc. This is also hybrid by man through different processes of reproduction.

8. Peanuts

A legume resembling a nut, which is the fruit of the plant Arachis hypogaea.

This is also a very old food item and can also be made by a man when the season is gone. This is also produced through the various cross-breeding process.

Many plants are reproduced by cross-pollination when pollination is done by bees within two plants and creating peanuts.

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9. Strawberries

This item is a little type of wild strawberries. These strawberries contain an effective fragrance and taste with less life. If we look at the background of this fruit which was discovered in the 18th century in France. Their cross-breeding has been stated previously.

Through the plantation, strawberries can be reproduced but at the same time, it was observed that this fruit can also b prepared with the help of cloning. So, everyone can eat this item anytime. This man-made food is reproduced in small size with the same shape but as we know that the taste is different from the naturally grown strawberries.

10. Oranges

There are different kinds of oranges are available on market and these types can also be reproduced from the crossing of pomelo along with mandarin. If we talk about the background of oranges then it’s not sure but studies have shown that this item is primarily produced by Southern China.

So, these man-made vegetables and fruits have fulfilled our requirements and easily available in the market. We can purchase them and eat them according to our choice and taste. Because people always love to eat their favorite vegetable or fruit at any season. So, technology has made our life easy.