Daycare Worker Assistant needed in Canada

The company Community Living Tillsonburg wanted Daycare Worker Assistant needed in Canada urgently. The company offers full-time contract employment for talented people. The applicants are to be determined and perform various shifts i.e Day, Flexible hours, Morning, Evening, etc. 

The persons perform all required tasks child care center and deal with a variety of children in daycare. Bathe, diaper, and feed infants according to requirements like milk and baby food. Prepare snacks and arrange room/ furniture for lunch and rest periods. So, suitable professionals may apply along with their credentials as soon as possible.

Daycare Worker Assistant Jobs:

To apply for the below vacancy bring up the documents;

Job Title: Daycare Worker Assistant  

Company Name: Community Living Tillsonburg 

The number of jobs: There is only 1 vacancy offered

Type of Job: Full-time contract/ term employment

Location of Job: Tillonburg ON, Canada  

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Salary Package

The company offers $15 Canadian Dollars per hour. The employees work 80 hours approximately bi-weekly  

Academics & Expertise

The secondary school graduation certificate is mandatory and able to deal with the English language. Having experience in the same field will be an asset for him.   

Benefits Provided by the Company:

A company provides;

  • Long term benefits
  • Financial benefits
  • Mileage paid
  • Collective agreement
  • Overtime

Responsibilities/ Duties

The applicants perform;

  • Having CECE, First Aid, and CRP certificate with expertise
  • Plan and maintain an environment that protects the health and security of children
  • Engage kids in activities by telling stories, teaching songs, etc
  • Knowledge of the day nurseries act and licensing regulations
  • Good communication skills
  • Interpersonal & time management skills
  • Lead activities by reading stories and taking children to local points of interest
  • Develop and implement programs that support & promote the physical and emotional development of kids
  • Guide and assist kids in the development of proper eating, dressing & toilet habits

Method for Applying?

However, ideal people may apply for Daycare Worker Assistant needed in Canada. Forward educational testimonials, experiences, and recent pictures;