10 Longest Wars In History

A lot of things changed with the evolution of human beings. We witness various events that took place in the history of mankind that changed the whole perspective of the world. Greeks, Romans, English, British, and other empires that ruled their particular lands around the world. They all had different cultures and traditions but something that existed in every era was war. The earth has witnessed a lot of wars in history and some of them were deadly enough to shiver a being and some of them lasted for days and even months. 

The reasons for wars can be different, nations fight over kingdoms, economies, and geographical land, and there are a whole lot of reasons. Without further due, let’s discuss the 10 longest wars in history.

10 Longest Wars In History

10. Afghan War – The Longest War in US History

Discussing the longest war in American history, The Afghanistan War is what appears in the mind. The American Troops have been fighting in Afghanistan for 18 years and who knows when this war is going to end. This war outlasts the Civil War and the Spanish-American War in terms of duration. Right now, a lot of troops are fighting in the war that started before they were born.

9. The Vietnam War (1955- 1975)

Starting with the war took place between southern and northern Vietnam. This war lasted for 19 years. The war wasn’t declared officially but it started after the United States started providing military support to southern Vietnam. North Vietnam in this war was supported by the China and soviet union. This war recorded over 2.4 million deaths in 20 years. this war ended on April 30, 1975, after North Vietnam took over the entire country and reunified it as the Socialist Public Of Vietnam.

8. The Chinese War (1873 – 1904)

This war took place when the Dutch tried to merge their rule in the Dutch East Indies, the former colony of today’s Indonesia. The Dutch attacked the Empire Of Aceh in 1873 due to ownership of the region’s lucrative black pepper industry. This war lasted for over 31 years when the Dutch started to demolish their villages and slaughter thousands of civilians. The territory changed hands in the meantime but at last, the Acehs got their independence from the Netherlands in 1949 and now it is a province of present Indonesia.

7. The Guatemalan War (1960 – 1996)

The GUATEMALAN war was a civil war that took place between the Government and some leftist rebel groups. This war lasted for about 36 years and reported almost 200,000 deaths. This is recorded as one of the deadliest wars in history. The Mayans were murdered mercilessly and their bodies were piled up, burned, and thrown into the sea from helicopters. The war was ended as the government signed a peace accord in 1996.

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6. The Hundred Year War (1337 – 1453)

This war was fought between France and England and lasted for more than a century. The war was fought in three components. One of them lasted for 38 years. this war was over English-controlled territory in France and the throne. There was complete bloodshed for over a century and the war reported over 3.5 million deaths in the meantime. The war ended when the English surrendered in 1453. This war is one of the deadliest and longest wars in British history.

5. The Mexican Indian War (1519 – 1933)

Expanding our list from years to centuries, the fifth war on our list, the Mexican-Indian War lasted for over 400 years. this war was fought between Spanish, and Mexican, Guatemalan, Honduran, Salvadoran, and Bazelian against Amerindians. this war started when the Spanish tried to conquer the Aztecs and ended the Caste War Of Yucatan in 1933. This war reported the death of 90% of the native American population.

4. Serbian-Ottoman War (1312 – 1918)

The Serbian-Ottoman War was a conflict that was linked with the Croatian-Ottoman war. This was one of the longest wars that lasted for 600 years. It was complete bloodshed among the Serbians and Arabians in the meantime. Reportedly, this war dragged on for 606 years.

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3. Anglo-French War (1193 – 1898)

The Anglo-French war was one more long and deadly war in British history. This dragged on for around 700 years. This war started with William the Conqueror took over England. The endless series of confrontations began among the French and English families. The war existed around the borders and war lines in the meantime and resulted in the bloodshed of both empires.

2. Persian-Roman War (92 BCE- 629 CE)

The second deadliest war on the list, the Persian-Roman War dragged on for over 721 years. This war was fought in Mediterranean Europe. This is also known as the Roman-Iranian War. The reason for the war took a religious edge sooner and became more deadly. This war was fought between the Greco-Roman and successive Iranian empires, the Parthians and Sasanians. The war ended with the Arab Muslim conquest that later led to the fall of the Sasanian empire.

1. Iberian Religious Wars

The Iberian Religious War was fought on the Iberian Peninsula and lasted for 781 years. This war started with the battle of Covadonga. This was the first Christian victory against the Muslim forces. This was the longest religious war ever fought in the history of mankind.


The above article 10 Longest Wars In History is a brief description of the longest wars in American, British, and European history. A lot of wars were a series of conflicts that existed among the ancestors and empires. A lot of people were fighting a war that started before they were born.

The longest war of the 20th century is the US war in Afghanistan which is still ongoing and hundreds of US troops are being murdered every day.

The reason behind wars is either geographical lands or religious beliefs. We can agree on the fact that wars for any purpose resulted in bloodshed that lasted for years and even centuries.