Unusual Airports In The World

Traveling by air is considered to be the safest way because it has very few ratios of accidents. But sometimes airplanes also face difficult situations. Today I am gonna tell you about those dangerous and unusual airports in the world, where landing is not easy for every pilot.

1. Congonhas Airport

Congonhas Airport is the second largest airport in the Brazilian city, of Sao Paulo. It is located 8 km away from the main city, Sao Paulo. It is one of the most dangerous and unusual airports in the world. The civilian population is surrounded by the runway of this airport. The measurements of the runway are 1,940m × 45m and 1,435m × 45m but the surprising factor is that they are covered by the local residents. It was the international airport but due to an air crash in the local residence, many people died in this crash. It is not an international airport now.

2. Narsarsuaq Airport

In southern Greenland, the Narsarsuaq is located where the Narsarsuaq Airport is located. This airport is located in between the water and solid ice. This is the one and the only international airport in Greenland. Only one flight can take off from the runway of this airport. In August 2001 an airplane crashed when it was about to land at Narsarsuaq airport.

3. Carrier Landing

Carrier landing is located in the sea and almost every country has it. It is difficult to land an aircraft on the runway of a carrier landing. Many accidents happen at these airports while landing. Many aircraft of the USA crashed on these carrier landings. These are military airports that’s why proper training for take-off and landing aircraft is given to the pilots.

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4. Courchevel Airport

Courchevel Airport is located in France. It is around 2008 meters or 65888 ft. above the sea. It is surrounded by snow and due to snow, it becomes difficult to land for the pilots. Especially in the winter when there is an increase in snow falling, the landing becomes more problematic.

5. Gisborne Airport

Gisborne Airport is located in Gisborne City, New Zealand. The unusual factor of this airport is a railway line crosses the runway of the airport. It has a total of four runways but only one runway is paved. The railway line crossing the runways makes this airport unusual.

6. MateKane Runway

MateKane Runway is located in Lesotho. It has a muddy runway & it is a small runway of just 402m. This airport is between the mountains and is located 2999m above the sea. This airport is one of the most unusual airports in the world and not every pilot can land here. It was an international runway but not now because of many air crashes, it has been declared as not safe.

7. Mcmurdo Air station

McMurdo Air station is located in the Antarctic. It is the only airport in the Antarctic. Its runway surface is made up of 100% solid ice. There is always fog across the air station which is the reason pilots use night vision lights. It supports around 1258 residents. The cargo and personnel service are done by this air station.

8. Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport is located in Lukla Town, Nepal. For camping on Mount Everest, this airport is used. It has a small runway and it is surrounded by the mountains of Nepal. Its length is 527m and height is 9334 ft. and 2845m above sea level. Its surface is Asphalt. It is owned by the government of Nepal. It is near a residential area and in front of it, there are mountains. In 2019 an aircraft crashed and due to that crash, three passengers died. That’s why it is considered a horrible airport in the world.