Top 10 Things That Are Pink In Nature

A diverse topic, we can not describe the beauty of nature in words. People who are curious about exploring nature and the wonders of nature are always amazed and surprised by the astonishing and marvelous colors, creatures, and landscapes.

Combining these terms, colors, creatures, and landscapes is what we are going to discuss in the following article. So, let’s discuss the top 10 things that are pink in nature.

1. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms - Things That Are Pink In Nature

The first one on the list of 10 things that are pink in nature is Cherry Blossoms in Okinawa. Something that’s the most beautiful Pink wonder in the world. The cherry blossoms can also be seen in Vancouver and Washington DC but the most attractive and delightful version can be witnessed in Okinawa, Japan. The Cherry blossom season in Japan comes in mid-February or April and the first days of May. This blooming pinkish event is a breathtaking and gorgeous event in the world that starts with Japan’s new school year and new financial calendar.

2. Elephant Hawk Moth

Elephant Hawk Moth

This pink insect is also famous with the name Deilephila Elpenor. It is found in central Europe. This incredible moth can grow around 8cm. They are mostly found in gardens, woodland cravings, and Westlands. They are mostly green in color with pink and olive strips which makes them the most identifiable moths. These moths are unique as they have a horn on the top of their body. It was discovered by a Swedish botanist in 1758 and we can agree on the fact that it is one of the great naturally pink-colored things in the world.

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3. Pink Terrace Of Lake Rotomahana

Pink Terrace Of Lake Rotomahana

Sadly, this great and wonderful pink and white terrace of Lake Rotomahana was completely lost in the 1886 earthquake. This natural wonder was located in New Zealand and it was pink and white in color. The pink terrace was also known as Te Otukapuarangi and the white terrace was known as Te Tarata. The study and research of years have confirmed that there are still some areas of the pink and white terrace existing under the lake of Rotomahana.

4. Roseate Skimmer

Roseate Skimmer

The roseate skimmer is a pink beautiful aerial predator that loves to eat other insects. It is a pink-colored dragonfly that is known as an aggressively-natured insect. The roseate skimmers are found in the USA and Brazil. It is known as one of the shortest-living animals in the world. They have pink or orange abdomens and clear wide wings. This animal has a wide living habitat but they are mostly found near open water. It is one of the most beautiful pink-colored things in the world.

5. Lake Hillier, Australia

Lake Hillier, Australia

Famous as “the Pink Lake”, Lake Hillier is located in western Australia and is strikingly pink in color. The pink color of this lake is also caused by the same algae named Dunaliella. This microorganism insect has a pink shell that is crushed and later washed throughout the lake. This makes sunlight reflection more efficient and creates a pink color. Reportedly, this lake was a home for a leather tanning station in the 1900s that makes it a half-natural and a half-manmade pinkish wonder of the world.

6. Pink Robin

Pink Robin

A beautiful bird, Robin is one of the favorite and cute birds living on the earth. A robin is essentially a gray-brown bird and a white or yellow patch on the lower belly. In this color combination, it is one of the most cute-looking birds in the world. But keeping in mind, we are talking about a Pink Robin, even cuter. A pink robin is native to southeastern Australia. It usually has a purple-black color and a pink lower belly. It can grow around 5.3 in length and it is known as one of the most gorgeous naturally pink things in the world.

7. San Francisco Salt Ponds

San Francisco Salt Ponds

Another astonishing natural landscape covered with pink fluorescents is the salt ponds located in San Francisco. If you have ever flown to San Francisco, you might have noticed this beautiful land covered with pinkish-red sheets of salt. Currently, this land is handed to government and non-profit landowners. The pink color of this landscape is caused by a microorganism that is a form of algae, lives in these salt ponds. High salt presence causes these algae to get pink and red in color.

8. Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

It’s our first pinked landscape on the list. Located in the Bahamas, this beautiful sand beach has attracted the entire world to its pink glory. This sand beach covers about 3 miles of harbor island in the Bahamas. Foraminifera is an insect that lives in the water of this beach. This insect carries a pink or reddish shell, these shells are crushed by waves and washed into the sand mixed with coral and sea life. This eponymous color of the sand beach is caused by these Foraminifera. This is one of the most famous pink things in the world.

9. PYGMY Seahorse

PYGMY Seahorse

The next pinky wonder in our list is also an animal that is beautiful and gorgeous by its looks, a PYGMY seahorse. It is also known as Bargibant’s seahorse. This vertebrate was discovered in 1969 by a scuba diver. It is known as the tiniest vertebrate on earth measuring around 2.4cm to 1 inch. A PYGMY Seahorse is found in pale gray and purple color with pink tubercles.

10. Pink Katydids

Pink Katydids

You might have come across Katydids, a grasshopper look-alike insect. This insect is usually green in color but this Pink Katydids is something worthy of praise. This insect is also found in yellow, blue, and violet colors but its pink pattern is the most eye-popping. Now there are different opinions of Pink Katydids being pink in color but one can accept it as a camouflage that helps them to adjust to different environments. Pink however is not the most dominant color of a katydid.


The world is the home of beautiful wonders that are astonishing, colorful, and breathtaking. Uncountable living creatures that are different in shapes and colors and thousands of beautiful landmarks are always there to warm our eyes.

We discussed the top 10 things that are pink in nature and it was wonderful to go through them.