Farm Worker vacancies in Canada

The company 1338838 B.C. Ltd.. offered Farm Worker vacancies in Canada urgently. The company offers full-time and permanent jobs for talented people. The people are to be determined and perform different shifts i.e. Morning, Evening, shifts, Weekends, and Flexible Hours. 

In the vast and fertile landscapes of Canada, farm workers play an integral role in ensuring food security for the nation. With their unwavering commitment, they labor tirelessly to cultivate crops and care for livestock. These dedicated individuals possess a deep understanding of agriculture and are skilled in various farming tasks, including planting seeds, irrigating fields, harvesting crops, and tending to animals

Farm Worker Jobs

The people may apply for the following jobs and bring documents;

Job Title: Farm Worker

Company Name: 1338838 B.C. Ltd

Number of jobs: 

There are 30 vacancies offered by the company

Type of Job: 

Full-time permanent employment

Location of Job: 

Buick, BC, Canada  

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The company offers 16.80 Canadian Dollars per hour. The employees must work 40 hours weekly approximately 

Academics & Expertise:

No degree/ certificate is mandatory to join these positions. A company shall train its employees after hiring.

Benefits Provided by the Company:   

A company provides the following;

  • Housing
  • Insurance
  • Overtime
  • Medical
  • Transport

Responsibilities/ Duties:

The applicants will perform;

  • Responsible for planting, cultivating and irrigating crops
  • Clean work areas and deal with vegetables & seasonal plants
  • Should be physically fit to perform required tasks
  • Good communication skills in English
  • Time management & interpersonal skills
  • Mix and prepare soils, plant bulbs and seeds in various lands
  • Transport seedlings/ rooted cuttings and stock them in the proper area
  • Also, report signs of insect or disease damage
  • Examine produce for quality and prepare for the market
  • Operate and maintain farm equipment and milk cows/ buffalos
  • Feed and tend livestock and poultry items
  • Assist in performing breeding activities of farm animals
  • Follow food safety and bio-security procedures set by the farmhouse
  • Spray, irrigate, and harvest different crops

Method for Applying?

However, interested persons may apply for Farm Worker vacancies in Canada. Also, collect important credentials, experiences, and fresh pictures;


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